Ronin Kai Martial Art Style

  The RONIN KAI KARATE Federation would like to welcome you to our  martial art style. Our style comes from the martial art traditions of the Samurai, where honor and respect are an essential part of our training.

The term Ronin refers to 'Samurai without a feudal lord to serve' and so appropriately on August 1, 1995, Ronin Kai was established by Shihan's John Goff, Bhinda Rajwans, Gary Thompson, and Kulwant Rajwans develop the style martial arts style called RONIN KAI.Shihan Bhinda open NYC branch APRIL 2003

This complete martial art style called RONIN KAI . This form of martial art has the original roots from Kyokushin karate. But the style goes further and deeper to complete the skill and spirit of the Samurai Ronin. 

 The style has five key elements that construct the bases of RONIN KAI.

  1) Hard Ronin Kai techniques: Hard techniques mean aggressive striking and blocking, takedowns, and body hip throws and ground movements. This hard Ronin Kai technique methodology is from martial art forms of Kyokushin Karate and Judo.

 2) Soft Ronin Kai techniques: Soft techniques include deflecting, circular range, and opponents' projection using counterforce-flowing techniques. This soft Ronin Kai methodology source from martial forms of art, Aikido, and Kung Fu/Kempo.

 3) Ronin Kai weapons techniques: The Ronin Kai martial art weapons are from two methodologies. One of Samurai /Ronin and the second the defender against the sword. The first source is a Samurai /Ronin, who used the Katana as the traditional weapon. Ronin Kai practices with the Katana martial art weapon.

  The second source of the weapons methodology is from farm tools modification weapons were created to fight against the sword or the be the extension of the hand. These weapons are called Nunchaku, Bo, Tonfa Sai, Kama, and Stick fighting.

  4) Ronin Kai, the multi attacker techniques: The style training emphasized multi attackers' defenses. Ronin Kai's methodology drawn from Samurai/Ronin. In battle, the Samurai/Ronin had to fight multi attackers at the same time. The student this taught to have the ability to fight not just one to one but can defend themselves against multi attackers.

   5) The Ronin kai seven virtues and codes of the bushido: The Ronin Kai lives its life by the seven virtues. The student must have a balance between physical techniques and mental spirt and personal strength. Ronin Kai students conduct and live by seven virtues: Loyalty& Duty, Justice, Courage, Benevolence, Humility, Honesty, and Personal Honor. The student embracing and mastering the seven virtues is an essential element for the student to practice on and off the dojo throughout their lives.